So you like to run; that is something we have in common. The intention of this site is to address issues that are of interest to you as a runner. It doesn’t matter if you are a fast runner or a casual jogger. Obviously there’s a speed difference but the basic fact remains that whether you can run a marathon in 2:10:00 easily or can only manage a 10k in an hour; you still have to train to keep your form or improve yourself.

For the curious runner there is a lot of information out there; books (the pre-internet thingies made of recycled trees), magazines and of course the internet. The internet is the fastest and easiest in most cases and a running related search is probably why you ended up here. If you’ve searched for running related information on the internet before, you will have noticed there are (quality) differences in the information you found. There is a lot of commercially related stuff out there; some good, some bad but in both cases with the intention to sell you something. There is the annoying copy/paste annoyance; you search for ‘knee-injury’ and you find a thousand sides with the same copy/pasted information. And some information is just plain stupid or wrong.

I’m not here to sell you anything and I don’t copy/paste useless information. What I do want to do, is share my opinions about running related subjects. And that’s just what they are: opinions. Whether we like it or not, there is no universal recipe for running fast. What’s works for me, maybe not work that great for you. What first appears to be a simple thing (everyone can run) appears to be rather complicated. I hope you enjoy the site.

Have patience as it will improve in time.

Anko, june 2011


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